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You've made no mistake in coming to me. You are in the right place with the right woman serving as your private paramour, lingerie model, and mistress...


A genuine paramour’s gift is her ability to look through your eyes and connect with your soul. Within a breathless second, you sense that she is sincerely giving her intrinsic self to you. Within her embrace, you revel and delight in her romance and feel spellbound by her dance of seduction. I am your paramour. I want to leave you breathless and intoxicated. 

Are you an accomplished professional gentleman who craves an intimate, discreet, and passionate friend?

Are you seeking a beautiful and secret friend to enjoy when the mundanity of day-to-day responsibilities cool the climate of your masculine energy?

Are you seeking to meet a warm and intriguing conversationalist over gourmet dinners, or within the intimate confines of elegant and luxurious ambients?


Should my questions align with what you seek, I invite you to immerse in my world.




Mya Matthews

  • FLOWER:  Pink Peonies

  • CUISINE:   Japanese, French

  • DINING:  Jean Georges NYC

  • COCKTAIL:  Malbec, Dirty Martini

  • BOOK:  Freakanomics, Outliers

  • SWEETS:  Vanilla Macaroons


  • DESTINATIONS:  Paris and Madrid

  • GFE MUSE:  Catherine Zeta-Jones

  • PSE MUSE:  Lisa Ann

  • HOBBIES:  Decorating, Photography

  • SPORTS:  Golf and Tennis




  • AGE:  Late Twenties

  • BUILD:   Slender with curves

  • HEIGHT:  5'11 

  • WEIGHT: 138

  • ENHANCEMENTS:  All natural

  • EDUCATION:  College Grad

  • ETHNICITY: African-Japanese



I Truly Appreciate Your Interest in Learning More About Me!

I am one of New York's highest-rated luxury girlfriends. But, outside of that arena, I am a woman of accomplished collegiate and life background. I am a distinguished college graduate, business owner, and a published former runway and editorial model.


A former model, I covet the importance of self-care. I pride myself on eating well and exercising daily to maintain my all-natural 34d- 25-37 measurements. My feminine curves, combined with my tall and lean physique, make me stand out in every crowd. My exotic African-Asian ancestry and facial beauty make me easily distinguishable from others you may come across. I'm often complimented on my sky-high cheekbones, refined symmetrical features, and intoxicating almond-shaped eyes. I easily fit the description of having the face of an angel with a body built for sin.  


I am most vivacious in the company of men who exemplify high standards with an avid appreciation for fine things and fine experiences.


The word "luxury" is not an empty cliche. By definition, luxury means attention to small details.

You will find that my presentation and conversational decorum will intrigue you with a style that exudes elegance and grace. I only select well-made, well-fitted garments that make me a pleasant treat to proudly have on your arm at any 3-star Michelin-rated restaurant or cocktail event with colleagues.

Similar to you, I seek discretion. For this reason, I am selective of the company that I keep, and I appreciate quality experiences over quantity of experiences.



Immerse in my naturally seductive energy that will motivate and inspire the passion within you.

Upon meeting, you will be delighted by my ardent attention to all details. I embrace my femininity, and I take precision in embracing all of your masculine senses; touch, taste, sound, smell, and movement. I invest time in preparing for you, and I lavish all of the accouterments needed to make our time physically, spiritually and mentally perfect.


Upon meeting me, you will instantly see my love of beautiful, well-made clothes, lingerie, exquisite food, and fine wine.


Be it for an afternoon jaunt or a weekend of travel, the time we designate together will be timeless and unforgettable…


Though never expected, thoughtful gestures are
always appreciated. 

SHOES:  Casadei and Louboutin

BAGS:  Chanel,

LINGERIE:  Journelle

FRAGRANCES:  Bond#9 MP, Jadore


FLOWERS: Ivory Roses, Pink Peonies

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