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I understand. You yearn for respite from the hustle and bustle of the world, and it's incessant demands. The lack of "Joie de Vivre" can leave a man beyond restless. Reawaken your most carnal instincts until the dawn breaks and reality beckons.  




To book our discrete liaison please select your desired session duration and complete the adjacent booking form. 
*Multihour dates are Prioritized and allow us to better explore and enjoy each other.


Night On The Town

Travel / Touring / Fly me to you
I do not tour. Instead, I simply enjoy traveling when I am called upon. If you are interested in meeting but can’t make it to NYC, Flying me to you is a phenomenal option! Flight, airport transfers, and a possible hotel suite incur additional costs not included in the listed donation. Outcall liaisons further than 1.5hrs from New York require a minimum duration of four hours. For these appointments, the cost of your chosen location will be additional, as it is not included in my fee.

1 Day - 12HRS


3 Days 


5 Days


2 Days 


4 Days


Each Additional Day


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