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Manhattan Dreams


In a day the world can change. You can see things from a different perspective. You can feel inspired, you can feel intrigued, you can feel rejuvenated. You can feel absolute alive with promise. This is the way I feel every morning when I wake up. Every morning when I peak out into the city from my large Manhattan apartment window, something in me wakes and I feel a rush.

Being in this city is my dream. Would you believe that being in this city and being an Upscale escort is also my dream? Well it is. I've always known that I was not a traditional girl. Not by appearance and not by personality. I was always an outlier. (My favorite book by the way), always a sensitive soul on the outside with the heart of a rebel and seductress on the inside; I was always very ambitious...but not in the Suma Cum Laude, grab the degree office job type of way.

I knew early on I had a yearning that the traditional path would not sustain. I knew that it was all or nothing for me. Around the age of 19 I began contemplating my path. I did not want to go corporate, I did not want to marry young, and even though I made a career of it for a while, I did not want to pursue modeling. I wanted to be seen and heard. Not just seen.

On the other hand; I love entrepreneurship, I love challenges and the mystery of solving them, I love traveling, I love sensuality, I love romance and I love spectacle and fantasy. With this personality alignment my path began to form itself. I embarked on my college career with vigor and gusto. With a few pitfalls, but at the end I earned the tools to needed to show accomplishment.

Then I jumped into the ocean of Manhattan and after a few years of creative positions and a few relationship, I gained the confidence to self start something that I am very proud of. In addition, I became an escort last year. I use my income to bring me my own pursuit of happiness and to fund my business ventures. I have three degrees and I have no children and no husband. By normal standards, I walk on this journey alone, but in reality, my suitors keep me warm. They are a part of my journey. Through them I gain gifts of knowledge and we share the gift of discretion and ardent understanding. To them I am me. I am their beautiful secret friend, I am their sex kitten, I am their muse, I am their escort. To me, they are everything and I am lucky to have them.

I am so excited to be on this journey. I am excited to see where it will take me. This point is not where it starts. This is also not where it ends. This is simply where it IS, where it goes no one knows. Thank you for joining me on my journey and thank you for being a part of my Manhattan dream. I cant wait to tell you more.

Till next time my Lover...

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